Happens ep


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released January 1, 2013



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SHID Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Too much
my eyes are open and yours are shut
my lungs keep breathing, yours are soon flat
my heart is racing, yours will soon stop
we are just different. its so fucked up

you keep on trying until your resignation becomes one pain too much
you let it go till' the end
Track Name: Authorities
There's a Place reservated for the First class humans/ for the ones who Never doubt anything/ where authority is truth/ and the faith in it is Proof
Differnence is failure/authority is truth
Tradition locks there doors/ deadly the Disput with there god
Hate socked minds/ cant be loved/ faith socked lies/ send by god/ hate socked eyes
Always on cold knees/ to Kiss/ the golden Ring
Track Name: Collapse
The Same mistakes/ in repeat/ dragging me/ into the Deep/ surrender yourself/ give it up/ my Time is up/ my Heart will stop/
I Never wanted to be blind/ to be alive but left behind/ to stay awake/ to be the One behind your faith
The Same mistakes/ in repeat/ in repeat/ in repeat
This Heart will stop/ my Time is up/ my Time is up
Track Name: Burn in Hell
He wakes up/ to spread lies/ we despise
Hold on to the words/ given by the Book/ his voice is the bait/ the Cross is the hook/ they Hang on your lips/ and swallow the lies/ don't know what wrong/ don't know Right
Burn in hell burn in hell thats what you say/ if you believe there is One than burn yourself/ you know the Way/ you know the truth/ we can't believe there is One absolute
We dont believe/ there is One absolute/ this is Not us/ this is just you/
Burn in hell burn in hell thats what you say/ if you believe there is One than burn yourself
Track Name: Throwing Crosses into the Lake
We dont need you/we have ourselfs
so who is in need?/ i guess its you

its never enough/ its never good for you/ 24/7 its just wont let me go

and this all we got now/ memories of a better time
and this is all thats left now/ scars and bruises on our hearts