go human!


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released June 15, 2013



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SHID Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: go human!
throwing your fist into the innocent/ looks like you're longing for attention/ your muscles hide a seedy heart/ you gained worthless life/ those childhooddreams you have never mentioned/ you give what you've got/ but we want what you hate/ when did your feelings become weakness to you/you give what you've got/but we want what you hate/ when did your feelings die/ bottle them up and smash them on their heads/ why do you stomp and punch your life until its fractured an disguised/ we are not your friends/we wont shake your hand/conversation out of sight/we dont give fuck about your pointless pride
Track Name: Born Dead
i saw it happen/ a thousand times before/ they carry us away/ to a place unknown

i don't know where my journey leads to/ i can't tell if i am still alive/
these metal rooms are so cold/ i can see my last breath

break my bones/ kill your heart/ until knifes turn me apart/ throw my guts in the trash/ its all about my flesh
Track Name: Fuck
you go through life like god
but we know, you are not
you feel untouchable
but we know you are not

you never learn your lessen
me neither but i try
you asking stupid questions
but you never ask why
its sad to see you like this
you passed the chance to life
did you ever felt guilty?
for living a lie
Track Name: Differences
two steps aside/would be a suicidal step/a thousand floors up/ but missing the stairs/ to get back down/ you stuck in a fog/ wich locks your broken heart and hope/ youre older but you havent grown/ burning this ship/ instead of sailing it home/two steps aside make misery hit you instead/only lost makes you learn to love what you once had/hit you instead/if i have ever been different/tell me/cause i have ever felt worse/ever beeing worse
Track Name: Life is lifeless (without hope)
all hope is gone/ the world is wrong/ there is no faith left/ there is only grand theft
maybe its coward/ to say its your fault/ but can you say?: i've done enough!

when all the world comes crushing down on you/ its better to break the rules/ instead of playing cool

life is lifeless without hope!